Brothers Training & Development is a private training Institute that provides various training and consulting services that meet the highest international standards and which provide the support for all organizations in the local and regional community to achieve the development, efficiency and effectiveness of the employees in these organizations.


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About Us

At Brothers Training & Development, we strive to provide services that contribute to increasing the performance and human capital of any organization by reducing costs, meeting standards of discipline at the same time, increasing productivity, improving quality levels, increasing customer satisfaction, and cooperating with different organizations to identify training needs of the employees so that we enable them to reach their goal and achieve their vision and gain the highest satisfaction rates through what we offer. Since 2012, Brothers Training & Development has been established on the basis of combining the long and rich experience of its founders in the field of training and development with the actual requirements of the local and regional market to quickly reach the best levels of professionalism and effectiveness in the areas of management, occupational health and safety, human development and development, marketing, Quality, management of educational and health institutions and many other training disciplines. One of the most important pillars of our work is to build strong cooperation and alliances with many training organizations and donors regionally and internationally. We seek to provide specialized training options that satisfy all needs and fit all administrative, material and educational levels. Finally, we offer everything that is better and more flexible in the field of training and consulting anywhere and anytime according to our customers need.


We seek to offer innovative and traditional training and consulting options to all our clients in the local and regional market to help them reach the best levels of achievement through chosen the best training and advisory staff scientifically and academically and committed to the highest international standards to achieve excellence in quality.


To be a leader in providing various training programs for all our clients while adhering the best international standards.


  • Targeting government and private entities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (the idea of expanding training and consulting)
  • Presenting a distinguished conference on 20.2.2020 – to announce the new brand of the Institute and to identify the new services in the field of training and consulting.
  • Introduce new programs of an innovative nature targeting the skills required in the labor market.
  • Provide all consultancy services that contribute to the growth and prosperity of small and medium enterprises.

Values & Principles

  • Professional in dealing with all our clients
  • Transparency in all our services
  • Innovative in providing our programs
  • Quality in all our dealing

General Manager’s Message

bdi manager

At the beginning of my speech, I would like to welcome our esteemed customers and thank them for their interest in our Institute and registration with us in the various training programs or to deal with us through various training or advisory services.

Dear customer, we are in Brothers Training & Development pride ourselves on providing the best quality in all our services. We know that working together will helps us achieve our vision of developing our Institute and making it one of the best training companies offering specialized and new training programs and to be the most sought in the labor market in the Kingdom of Bahrain and the Gulf region and the Middle East as well. We are pleased to offer you all the help and assistance to facilitate all your affairs within the Institute and we are happy to communicate with you anytime, anywhere. Finally, we are sincerely looking forward to build a sustainable and loyal relationship with all of our clients, which enhances our presence in the local and regional market.

Finally, accept all respect and appreciation and wish you all success.

Amira Alshemiri | BDI General Manager