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Here at Leaders Community Training Center LCTC, we aim to help those who believe in change, to become the ultimate version of themselves through self-development and consultancy in various personal and professional areas, here we exceed the limits and soar towards excellence to be distinguished with our innovatively smooth consulting approaches, to help you overcome challenges, problems and act proactively in order to avoid them.

Join us in Leaders Community Training Center LCTC, where a journey that will transform who you are and fill the gap between where you are and where you want to be, accompanied by an elite group of creative experts.

The Importance Of Life Coaches

life coaches importance

Consultations and mentoring: In essence, is a response to human condition in the 21st century.” Nick Bolton.

We are drowned in information at every turn, we live in a world of distractions and constant disturbance. Most of this”disturbance” is meaningless and only creates disperses which extends to affect our personal life.

Forty years ago, it was common to get a job and get married for a lifetime, but nowadays, if you don’t love your job or your life partner (or if you don’t like them …), you can simply change them! where these factors itself, could lead to confusion and uncertainty, which is considered to be a normal conditions in the 21st century!

Therefore, how do you find the right direction and steps along with this kind of pressure? You might have a great group of friends and a supportive family, but do they know what’s best for you? will they listen and devote time to understand and listen to what your heart says, or will they simply provide you with an advice with good intentions? (Or maybe they care more about what is displayed on their phone screen …) So getting a consultancy from a life coach helps in obtaining phenomenal results during a limited period of time which saves you time, effort and reduces the huge payments that may occur due to floundering.

 Find a competent life coach!

Who Is The Life Coach?

Life Coach is a professional consultant who help you maximize your potentials, define your goals and develop a practical plan to be achieved. Having a life coach may seem like a foreign concept to some people, but to succeed and obtain the quality of life that is in line with your needs and desires, you need experience, enthusiastic support, an objective perspective and insight from experts. This also applies to CEOs, businessmen, business leaders, executives and business professionals, therefore, consultations and mentoring are differsthan Life coaching.


Why The Consultation Session With Life Coaches?

coaching session

  • Do I really need a life coach?!
  • Are you stuck?
  • Succeeded but want to move to the next level? In a job? making a marriage decision or even want to overcome a divorce?
  • Do you feel lost?
  • Or did you lose your confidence and started to doubt your capabilities? Do you feel your mind is distracted?
  • Are you sad? angry? or even have fears?
  • Are you afraid of confrontation?
  • Do you want to be more decisive? Or do you need someone to help you clear your vision?
  • Do your beliefs limit you from moving forward?
  • You have a vision but lack a plan?  
  • Do you need someone to show you your blind spot?
  • Have you lost momentum?
  • Do you need a better income? And you can’t get and do all the required things to achieve it during the 24 hours?

If any of the above seems familiar to you, do not wait till you hit the bottom in order to change, it is time to consider getting consultation, advisory and guidance from the right life coach.

Life Coaches contributed in improving the quality of life and the success of many of the most successful people on the planet and they are still receiving support from professional life coaches. Here at Leaders Community Training Center LCTC, you get consultation and guidance wherever you want and right away!!

A life coach will help you determine what really matters to you in a transparent way so that the word “what if” and all other internal sounds you encounter as you think about your options of moving forward will fade away from your mind.


We are passionate in empowering individuals of the Arabian Gulf community to become leaders on their own, improving their quality of life with an affordable prices that suits everyone providing our effective consultation and mentoring.


We are a premier center that gathers the best life coaches and consultants who are specialized and qualified from the most inherited training institutions, dedicated to provide individuals, families, employees and entrepreneurs with consultations and mentoring, whilst our geographical presence in all countries of the Gulf region, improves the level of quality of life in our Gulf community through our services following the global best practices, techniques and models that effectively impact the fields of self-development and Improving the quality of life.

General Manager’s Message

lctc ceo

In a very fast and changing world where there is no chance to read a full book on how to raise children, even though raising them is the most important responsibility in building the next generation, which is this responsibility lies on all of human beings of the current generation. Furthermore, it is exhausting to watch an education video with all advertisements interruptions every minute! Therefore, One day I was wondering, what if someone would like to get a consultation from a specialist or expert regarding our precious children and whenever we search on Google and enter the links, we find out that the fees of a consultation session is very expensive, and once the Coach’s CV is full of accomplishments the greater the fees becomes; the price of the consultation per hour has increased more and more excessively.

And I started to think, do we need all these certificates just to learn how to raise our children? or do we need to save a full budget for the weekly and monthly consultations for each child of the family? How many hours of work do the parents needs to work leaving the children without their presence in their lives just to save these amounts?!

Either all of their income will be paid as expenses of consultation sessions that has become a commerce, or it will require us all to get a higher education certificates specialized in raising and education. Yes, raising children, guiding students, supporting youth, and providing advice to adults and entrepreneurs are very essential, especially in an accelerated world full of complications, as these challenges confront many of us.

I have searched extensively, and after consulting my mentor and the Senior coach of the leaders whom I have worked with, and consulting many people with experience and specialization in many areas in which consulting is provided, and trying to connect the ideas together. Things became clear more and more, and here the most important question is raised!

How can we help others in getting consultations, in many areas, and in the most important aspects, with high quality and excellent work through consultants with cognitive experience practitioners in the profession who are a distinguished life coaches. All of that within an acceptable low rate of fee!  So that our services and our consultants are at everyone’s reach?

Therefore, we came up with the idea of ​​a service that provides the consultations by the life coaches, to be available at Leaders Community Training Center LCTC and in cooperation with Re-MATC International Company.And that answered all the questions I was wondering about and provided a solution to these challenges, where implementation of this idea is a departure from the bottleneck for many of those who really need consultations, help and support.

An Advisory Board has been formed by the Company and the Center being led by senior life coaches setting a strict standards to select an outstanding life coaches with high quality, qualifications, sufficient experience, real practice and with proven results.

And it became our ultimate goal as an advisory board, to raise the youth, especially in the Gulf countries and the Arab world, providing them with consultation, support and the mentoring they deserve in order to facilitate their goals achievement, and preserving their money for their investment. With this being said, we hope that our goal will be noble.

Mohammed Alaa AlHuzaimy | LCTC General Manager