Who We Are

We are the strong and stable bridge that moves everyone into the world of success, no matter how different their places or races, or their different ages, languages, educational levels, specializations, or the number of years of their experience, or whatever the obstacles are. We in our classical school teach them to discover and invest their strength to believe more in themselves and their message that they love and achieve the results that they desire, we restructure societies so that their members are supportive, mentors and advisers to them, through learning the possible, simple and achievable basics, laws and rules.


UniPower is the first business school in the Middle East specialized in transforming individuals and entrepreneurs into leaders who are  teachable constantly learning,  coachable educating with passion and work enough  working with quality, professionalism, maintaining professional, ethical and cultural values ​​of success with strength and steadfastness, and transforming family members to be able to accomplish, produce, work continuously using a simple, concise, unified system that is reproducible and made leverage, everyone contributes to the advancement of their families and the economy of their societies.

The Message

A specialized classic business school that provides the fertile environment, the right tools, programs and forums related to leverage, to enable individuals and entrepreneurs to convert dreams into clear goals, drawn plans and real results by working smart, simple and briefing.

Inspired By Our Principles And Values

If the intentions are good, the words become true and the actions are reinforced with integrity…

The space for acceptance and respect prevailed, built trust, safety, love, and gratitude spread.

Understanding and cooperation will apply, and everyone will share commitment and responsibility.

Everyone will be in peace joined together by affiliation, brotherhood and friendship…

The strength increases, and success is characterized by its continuity and sustainability.

Our Philosophy

From the infinite universe we begin and at the specified path we finish

From the unknown of this constantly renewed nature, we proceed; to know that our powers are sufficient we stand.

We go from infinite from inspiring ideas to finite from supportive wealth.

From the public we search for options and opportunities, to the private and the specific, we will be present and passionate now. Our beautiful land, our homelands, our societies and our secret are all in dire need of us and our potential energies, so we can turn all of us from consumers into producers who are given for them, designed it with an engineering caliper from the ideas of the revelation of the soul, and began the reconstruction with the architectural ruler to construct construction on the ground. As well as building human and civilizations, it comes through professionalism of success whose secrets have not changed for ages; the generations of the enlightened successors inherited it as it is, while engineering is what includes the laws of that success, which begins with several requirements such as brotherly love, truth, freedom and equality to be more enlightening.

Our role specifically in the UniPower Business School Ltd. teaches others to discover and invest the power of their success, to believe more in their message they give, and their visions are more clear as the truth, they learn that freedom lies in continuous productivity, that we all start with equal, and we are distinguished by the serious who work with sincerity, quality, strength, professionalism, intelligence and diversity. We provide the powerful system drawn in its details from the pyramids of our experience, which supports you for visual transformation, achieving great success and leads you to the summit, as our cadres work with the mentality of industrial engineers, they have achieved the same results that they train you to reach them, they continue to enrich you with knowledge, art and science and monitor your steps until you achieve what you want it.

Our Goals

  • To be the leading school in the Middle East in providing a business model specialized in building continuous and passive income, and how to build leverage so that success is automatic and continuous.
  • To provide the largest forums, conferences and camps to help entrepreneurs believe in themselves and develop their capabilities to share their results.
  • To develop tools that help entrepreneurs and workers in the sales and direct sales sector to work simply, easily and smooth, by teaching them the skill of passing and reproduction the mechanism of setting their  key performance indicators (KPI) .
  • To set rules, basics and laws for duplicate success and reproduce them in investment in human assets to help entrepreneurs build strong and sustainable successes.
  • To set an example and ideals from the young entrepreneurs who talk about the results.
  • To be the most prominent company specialized in setting success systems in the direct selling sector and in line with the laws of countries in the Middle East.

Address by Director- General

Unipower Manager

In the business world, there are many secrets that beginners in the field of entrepreneurship and those working in the direct selling sector are difficult to know personally, except after several years of work in order to discover a system that summarizes their work path and learns from their mistakes, makes them work smart and strong, maybe some started his project for a short period and he could not complete what began and was due to the traditional system and work with effort, he lost confidence in himself and his ability that he can actually make a big difference in his society, the ability to increase his income and contribute to the advancement of his family, the economy of his homeland, and sometimes he reads in the stories of inspiring successful people but to no avail.

Now in the age of technology and the era of speed, the business sector is undergoing a major transformation and consequently. Many tend to reduce jobs and go to the diversity of sources of income, including the most prevalent in our time such as entrepreneurship, the direct selling sector and distribution brokers, because of its brilliant future and achieving great results for individuals, for future generations and the economy of countries, because it simply focuses on working smart with less effort and cost This is the new business model that is now being taught in global universities.

It realized the desire is the way to insist, continuity and seize opportunities is the key to success for entrepreneurs, especially those working in the sales sector, because if you want to get different results you have to do different actions, and gain the mentality of entrepreneurs who want flexibility in the place and time of work, as well as interested in a diversity of sources Income, creating a place where they feel the freedom to express themselves, obtain permanent mentors and mentors to achieve the desired goals, and the most important thing is how an entrepreneur and a worker in the sales sector can create an environment he belongs to it and belongs to him, to ensure the stability of the results and a partnership that lasts with a positive impact in making leaders, partners, knowledge transfer, behaviors, skills and habits, so that everyone is working in the spirit and vision of one and there will be harmonized ideas, words and results.

At UniPower United School, the converts will receive training, camps, and assistance tools that help them shorten the path of their lives, be non-traditional entrepreneurs and achieve unconventional successes, such as passive income and work less effort with Leverage that enhance the principle of community partnership (Win Win Situation), and achieve a better level of happiness. This business school contains a summary of much training around the world from global trainers summarized in books on leadership and professional training camps, graduating transformers with real tangible results.

This is our primary goal, a better life than ever before for everyone and in all aspects of life. We work with the mentality of the architects who build all nations and spread peace, love and reject hate. Our union is strength, united, we will stand, separated will fall.

Najla Al-Bufalah | General Manager – UniPower